Industrial Modern Garage Wall Art & Decor

Just because you work in a garage, a repair shop or workshop all day doesn’t mean you can’t be surrounded with awesome wall art, decor and sculptures.

I think there is a little apprehension that certain art pieces and decorations will get damaged or ruined in a place where machinery is being used all of the time.

That is why you can design your space with industrial modern wall art and sculptures made from strong, durable and raw materials that tie into work being done.

If you work as a mechanic, for example, whether that be on cars, motorcycles or maintenance equipment, your space may include hubcaps, license plates of cars or bikes you used to love and own or signs of streets you used to enjoy cruising along. Like shown in the photo above, you can even add a place to sit down, relax and have a drink once the days work is done.

A nice touch to this style is adding industrial inspired furniture and decor to the space that doesn’t sacrifice appearance, quality or comfort.

Industrial Crank Stool with Mango Wood Seat

Beautiful distressed metal with crank handle for easy adjustment, plus the metal contrasts remarkably well with the finely crafted mango wooden seat

V19C-B Counter Stool with Backrest

Made of cast iron and hardwood,the V19C-B Counter Stool is an excellent choice for shopkeepers with a supportive backrest for all-day comfort

Industrial Iron Side Cabinet

Built durable and strong with a unique metal body with rivet and mesh detailing, perfect for tool and material storage

Garrison Clock

Porthole inspired design with a gray metal finish and clear glass cover to keep an eye on the clock while doing what needs to be done

This “garage artwork” doesn’t have to stick strictly to the garage, you can incorporate this rugged design in the interior of your home with industrial furniture and design.