Empress Exhibition Imperial Court of China Classic Home Accents and Decor

The decor and treasures of the imperial court were lavish and beautifully decorated. They were made of exquisite materials, intricate decorations and fine jewels.

Imperial Chopsticks, Pot for Milk Tea and Ewer

Imperial Decorative Vase inscribed with poetry
Some of the materials used were lacquer, wood, copper, painted enamel, jade, gold and copper alloy. They were decorated with silk tassels, pigments, turquoise, lapis lazuli, pearls and tiger eye stone.

Imperial Hair Accoutrements
For the empress and the imperial court, items such as decanters for perfume, mortar and pestle, hand warmers, massage tools, hairdressing tools, pendants, vessels for milk tea, decorative vases, incense trays, candle holders, tea sets, dressing cases and display cabinets.

Imperial Tray for grinding herbs, spices and plants

Imperial Handwarmer
Many of the designs were of powerful symbols of importance to the Chinese culture at the time of their creation.

Imperial Basin / Bowl

Flowers such as peonies, lotuses, peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, pomegranates, plum blossoms, mythological creatures such as dragons and phoenixes and calligraphy with chinese characters for longevity, double happiness and good health.