Getting back to nature with your furniture

Can you just imagine walking into your dining room to see a dark, absolutely gorgeous Claro walnut wood table such as the one pictured above by Hudson Furniture? This is one of those pieces you may catch yourself just standing there staring at from time to time, just to soak in its beauty. If you think the table is stunning, they also make other furniture, beds and sculptures without compromising the natural organic lines of the tree.

Who is Hudson Furniture?

Hudson Furniture is a company who has a deep appreciation and respect for the inherent grain of wood. Trees offer geometric forms and well-defined lines that can be accented when cut the proper way and hand rubbed with an oil finish. Their unique pieces are available in Claro walnut, Ebonized pine, Satinwood, Acacia, Jasmine, Myrtle and Black walnut in custom dimensions.

Their furniture is never created from old growth forests. The wood that they use in the creation of these exquisite pieces of furniture are from either wind/storm damaged or salvaged trees.

From petrified wood stumps to their most exotic signature bed, each piece is hand-crafted with a great deal of thought and care to ensure that the end result pays tribute to nature as an exceptional piece of art. Visit Hudson Furniture to view their entire collection.

  • Brent

    I like the texture and depth of the finishes. Great job showing off the natural, beautiful characteristics of the wood. Check out website and blog at for other inspiring ideas.

  • Shellie

    Your Burgundy collection is exquisite. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gaile Guevara

    I’ve always loved Hudson, stumbled upon them 6 years ago on one of my walks through the Meat Packing District in NY. Great article!

  • Shellie

    Well I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them sooner! Their work is fantastic! Thanks for the comment!

  • Christina Lang

    I agree Shellie. The work is awesome. I live in Florida and furniture made out of driftwood is very common but to find something this beautiful makes me happy!

  • Shellie

    I LOVE driftwood furniture. It just has so much unique personality. There is nothing quite like a piece of furniture that constantly reminds you of nature. Thanks for the comment Christina!

  • Web Services

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