Flower power?

Funky, contemporary, retro AND vintage all rolled into one? Is that even a possible or logical combination? Apparently so! One of Padstyle’s readers was kind enough to recommend the Plush Deco site in the comments section of our Top 25 Interior Design and Furniture Blogs entry. Well, if you can’t tell by the flower-inspired chair in the picture, this is definitely a furniture line worthy to be labeled as Friday fun!

The upholstered Flower Blossom Chair is not only incredibly unique and a definite showstopper, it’s surprisingly comfortable. It comes in green, purple and black, covered with a shiny microfiber fabric and it has a gorgeous swiveling chrome base. If you have a room that’s just lacking something, this may be that one focal point piece that you desperately need. This is a chair that would look great in an office too, it certainly is a conversation starter and a fabulous way to break the ice.

Who says furniture has to be either stylish or comfortable? Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? For more information on the Flower Blossom Chair or to view the rest of the incredibly fun and oh-so-stylish furniture, visit the Plush Deco website.

  • KathyB

    What a work of art. This chair is pure sculpture for my contemporary home. It would go beautifully next to my own contemporary art. “Flower Blossom” is so special and so unique, as is my original abstract wall art of fabric and exotic yarns. Love the chair, … and I have the art that can truly hang with it!

  • Mary-Aromatherapy Oils

    I would love it in purple!!!