Fabulous Florals

The modern home can be dressed up in nearly infinite ways, but one of our favorites here at Padstyle is by using flowers. Floral interiors are naturally more bright, organic and fresh in their appeal. We’ve compiled a list of four ways you can incorporate floral into your home, but there are hundreds more – so why not get a little creative?

You can add a floral touch to your home by choosing floral wallpaper. Just be sure that the design is modern and updated, or that it matches its surroundings. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a pattern at the store only to find that it clashes with your couches!

Floral patterns on furniture is another option. Although you probably want to avoid dated patterns, there are some modern geometrical florals out there that are simply stunning. Think thick lines, geometric shapes and lots of color.

Wall decals can also add that floral appeal. There are many types of black and white or colored wall decals that will give a blank wall some character. Wall decals are especially popular in small doses, as a subtle border of roses along the bottom of your wall or a single bird in a tree beside your sofa.

And finally, add a touch of floral with the real deal: flowers. Bunches, bouquets, vases, or pots – flowers look fabulous in almost any container. Don’t be afraid to choose hot pink posies or looming yellow sunflowers, as the color will be a welcome splash of life in almost any modern home.
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