Exterior Design: Beauty & Symbolism of Koi Ponds

If your home has a koi fish pond there is a good chance abundance, harmony, love and friendship flourish there! Here’s why:

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The Koi Fish also known as the nishikigoi symbolizes love and affection in Japan and has been revered as a sign of good fortune and the ability to overcome adversity in both Chinese and Japanese culture.  The perseverance of the koi fish is demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and swim upstream. They are believed to attract prosperity to whomever has these “living jewels” in their home.

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The koi fish is actually a common carp that was eaten in china, japan and western Asia, In the mid-1800s, some of these common carps began mutating – developing beautiful red and white blotches in intricate patterns on their scales.

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The mutation was fascinating and very attractive, so lovely in fact that farmers began selectively breeding this newly colored and unique fish. This selective breeding created absolutely gorgeous and never seen before koi fish.

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There are so many beautiful koi pond designs you can plan into your exterior landscape. Although viewed as ornamental and part of the homes exterior design, they are of course living beings so their environment needs to be treated the same way you would treat any other pet – plenty of space, food and keeping the water clean and maintained!

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Aside from their aesthetic appeal, koi fish ponds serve as wonderful places to meditate, relax and reflect – and remember, you can always visit your koi fish to reaffirm their symbolic nature bringing abundance, love and success in all matters in your life!