Eco-friendly copper roof shingles

At one point or another, most homeowners need to pay a little attention to their roof. Zappone has been manufacturing these dynamic copper shingles since 1969. This American company’s shingles are earth-friendly, available in a few different styles and they have been thoughtfully designed to last for a lifetime!

Are They Really that Durable?

In a nutshell, yes! In fact, they have been put through intense, wind and rain abuse in hurricane testing! These copper shingles are made from 99.96 percent pure copper and every single shingle is inspected to make sure that it meets the standards set by J. Joseph Zappone III himself.


Copper is beyond aesthetically-pleasing! It’s rich yet rustic, contemporary yet vintage and will compliment any home. Wonder why you don’t see too many houses with Zappone shingles? They’re so fussy about quality and appearance that they only manufacturer 400 roofs every year. Once orders on one list are full, the next costumer’s name gets put on a list for the following year. Clearly they are well worth the wait because no one is complaining about the delay!

Every carton of Zappone shingles has the brand name as well as the employee’s initials who created them and the date they were completed. If you’re going to be ready for a new roof in the next couple of years, you may want to check out these long-lasting, environmentally-friendly copper shingles at Zappone and get on a waiting list. You’re sure to be the only person in the neighborhood with a roof like this!