Do Glass Kitchen Cabinets Give You a Panic Attack?

Glass cabinet doors are stunning (in the showroom)! Have you ever noticed how when you see them online or in a magazine, everything on the shelves is so neat and perfectly arranged? It is as if plates, bowls and stemware are all strategically placed precisely to create pieces of art. Now, go open all of your cupboards. If you are like most others, everything is probably crammed in there. Perhaps you even had to dodge a few falling Tupperware lids that were being held in place by the door?

If you love the look of glass cabinets, the designer kitchens at SN Collections would be a great place to start getting ideas from. If you aren’t ready for such a commitment of that level of organization, there are solutions!

Frosted Window Film

Applying a frosted window film panel to the inside of the glass will obscure the view to the inside completely. They offer an illusion of expensive etching without the huge project.

Paper Lining

This can be done to all of your glass cabinets for only a few dollars. Cut rice paper just slightly larger than the glass and hold it in place with double-sided tape. Paper lining offers a very organic appearance.

Fabric Lining

Have a country cottage kitchen theme or do you want to experiment with bold colors or patterns? Cut the piece of fabric so it is twice as wide as the cabinet, gather it and staple in place. You can even make them look like their curtains and leave a little glass peeking through. This will still hide the mess without completely blocking the glass.

Stained or Leaded Glass

If you receive a lot of natural sunlight in your kitchen, these are ideal! The light will hit the stained glass and bring your kitchen to life! Think Tuscany at sunrise!