Natural Percussion Wind Chimes for Indoor & Outdoor

Wind Chimes are percussion instruments that play for you whenever the wind blows. Usually hung from a ceiling, canopy or free-standing pole, wind chimes come in a variety of materials with multiple tubes or rods that when lightly tapping against each other make a pleasant and melodic sound.

These ancient home and garden accents have been in use in Rome, China and India since the second century. They began as tiny bells hung from the corners of pagodas to ward off birds. Other mystical uses were for protection from evil spirits and to increase the flow of chi.

The sounds produced by wind chimes require skilled craftsmanship to produce specific frequencies. Size, material and spacing play a factor in the sounds wind chimes produce.

Wind chimes can create sound when the tubes or rods come in contact with one another or when in contact with a clapper placed in the center.

Choose wind chimes that blend in beautifully with your indoor or outdoor setting. Materials of wind chimes include metal, wood, glass, bamboo, shell, stone, clay, beads, bronze, aluminium, minerals, rocks, quartz and porcelain. Some people even upcycle old cookie cutters and keys to create their own wind chimes.

Be sure to test sound before you choose a wind chime. You wouldn’t want to frequently hear dissonance when stepping onto your back patio on a breezy day. Wind Chimes that produce a heptatonic scale, 7 pitches per octave, because they sound better when notes are struck at random.

These ancient percussion instruments will make everyday an enjoyable and refreshing musical experience.