Designer Spotlight: Live Edge

Live Edge Design has a motto: “Reclaimed. Refined. Remarkable.” And it holds many degrees of truth.

The furniture you’ll find at Living Edge Design is not your typical sleek and stylish modern fare – but it is definitely stylish in its own right.

Living Edge Design features wood au natural at the center of its pieces. And it doesn’t just buy its wood at the local hardwood store: it takes an eco-friend stance towards its materials, and only uses wood that is reclaimed from trees that have been knocked over during a storm, or left by forest and construction companies.

The wood is then refined using an innovative process. It is turned into slabs, dried, and detailed before being finished with detailed sanding and glazing at their Vancouver studio.

You’ll get that West Coast vibe with any piece from Live Edge Design. Their pieces are designed to last generations, featuring solid construction and natural feel.

And as an added bonus, you can ask to receive a “story book” that outlines the life and journey of your very own tree. This can be set on the table, and it will act as a great conversation piece for you and your guests.

Living Edge Design focuses on large, stunning dining room tables and countertops that could be located in the heart of your dining room or brought to your home-away-from-home luxury cabin. Although their furniture is quite expensive, it is worth it for the small carbon footprint and the stunning natural, simple beauty that their products exhibit.