Cypress Tree Benefits: The Best Mulch for a Playground

While this may come as a surprise to some, you can gain the same benefits of just being surrounded by a tree or its bark as you would be its essential oil.

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Although, not as instantaneously, the results overtime keep it from being overpowering to the bodily system and thus keep it from being misused or dependent upon. The cypress tree, for example is an excellent resource for mulch when used in children’s play areas and playgrounds. Here’s why:

Cypress can treat respiratory conditions, relieves anxiety, aids in toxin removal and can act as a natural deodorant. When chopped in small chips or pieces it can make for a great platform for children to play in especially when interacting with other children or in large open areas where anxiety, tension or over stimulation may be induced.

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Now, these results have been tested by applying the essential oil to ones skin, however, there is an ancient Japanese practice known as forest bathing, where when the person simply enters a forest with trees that serve multiple conditions can aid and heal them. The idea is just being surrounded by them, breathing in their essence and being with close proximity to them, As far as play mulch is concerned, the child is sure to be engaging with the chips way more than just being surrounded but actually interacting, touching, smelling and “falling” into them.

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This playground mulch has already been applied to interactive children environments such as The Great Story in South Hackensack., NJ. It is a day care and a kids cafe, where books, sandboxes, jungle gyms and yes, a cypress tree chip play area is utilized.

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Give it a try, observe and see for yourself if the cypress tree mulch helps!