Creating a Mudroom in Your Home

Creating a mudroom in your home may be the smartest thing you ever do. This is a room that you won’t understand how you ever lived without once you have one and you certainly will never be able to go without one again! Mudrooms keep clutter and dirt out of the rest of your home. This is the perfect place for sports and camping equipment, shoes, coats, umbrellas, dog leashes, etc.

If you are not planning a remodel in your home to add in a mudroom, you can create a mock one with the help of shelving, hooks and storage containers.

Choose a Location

If you have a backdoor to your home with a large storage space, this is an ideal location as is a larger laundry room, basement or a portion of your garage. The idea is to build your mudroom near a door!

Install Shelves

The bottom portion of the wall should have shoe racks or shelving, making sure that there are tall areas to allow for boots. Then, shelving on the rest of the wall can be for seasonal items, camping supplies, etc. If you have a large family you may even want to designate a specific area to everyone for their belongings.

Add Hooks

You cannot imagine how useful simple hooks can be! You can hang coats, scarves, umbrellas, tennis rackets, keys, leashes, backpacks and book bags, etc., from them. Be sure to allow enough space between them so things don’t get too crammed.

Storage Containers

Large Tupperware containers or old wicker baskets are ideal for gardening tools, gloves, balls and other odds and ends that can easily become cluttered if they don’t have a proper home.

Having a mudroom will keep the rest of your home organized and free of clutter. Whether you have a contemporary and very simplistic home or not, anyone can appreciate not having piles of coats and shoes dropped at the door when everyone comes home!