Create a rainbow in your home with crystals

The last weekend in April has arrived, it’s time to open those curtains, clean the windows and let the sun pour in. Of course, if you really want to bring your indoor living space to life, you’ll hang a crystal in those windows that welcome the sun.

Why Hang Crystals?

It doesn’t matter if you hang one or a dozen crystals, they are going to bring an array of intoxicating color into your home. Beams of light that dance around your room not only make the space appear larger, they breath new energy into the environment.


When you hang crystals in your window, they need to be close enough to the glass to capture the sun’s rays yet not so close that they can’t twirl around. It’s easiest if you hang a tension rod for this purpose, then you can hang one in the middle, scatter several across the width of the window at various heights or create a cluster.

For an even more dramatic look, position them so their light beams will reflect off a mirror or stainless steel object so your entire room will fill with a rainbow of color. You may want to experiment with several different sizes and shapes because every crystal will create its own unique pattern. Be warned though, staring at dancing rainbows can be additive!