Counterpoise Plywood Chair by Kaptura de Aer

Counterpoise is a bent plywood chair designed by Kaptura de Aer. The techniques used for the design are similar to mid-century modern designers such as Thonet, known for his popular bentwood chair and furniture. However, the Counterpoise differs in some aspects.  counterpoise_chair_kaptura_de_aer_01

For example, the Counterpoise is comprised of two bent shapes as opposed to one piece bent to form the entirety of the design.


The shapes balance one another perfectly. They form a sophisticated design with a soft and elegant silhouette.

“It’s flowing form and textures offer a sensuous sitting experience,” said Kaptura de Aer.



The two predominant pieces of wood, which make up the majority of the design keep their natural grain and light finish. They are held together firmly by another separate piece painted in a vibrant and contemporary yellow color.



The bracket serves for both functional and aesthetic purposes, literally holding the design together, offering extra support and adding a touch of diversity to the design.


According to Kaptura de Aer, “The pictures are showing the first prototype. We are now announcing a new stage in the development of Counterpoise chair in the manufacturer’s factory, with the promise that by the end of the year we’ll have the final product.”