Color Flow Collection Applies Color Changing Technology to Furniture

Vibrant and color changing furnishings create beautiful gradients by applying a lenticular surface to the designs.  The mini collection  called “Color Flow” by Korean-based studio Orijeen consists of a two storage units, a freestanding wardrobe and a small sideboard.

color flow orijeen lenticular padstyle

The pieces are not only futuristic in their chameleon-like color changing abilities but also in form with a curved time-capsule shape.  The small side board ranges in shades of pink, blue and purple, whereas the wardrobe ranges in shades of blues and greens.

Lenticular technology is a high resolution process that creates visual effects. Orijeen doesn’t go into too much detail about how the color changing flow is created but if lenticular printing is applied to the surface of the furnishings the perceived changes of color may occur due to lenticular lenses producing printed images with an illusion of depth or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. Thus, the color of the furniture changes in relation to your position to it.

This multi-step process of combining two or more images with a lenticular lens has been used in a various art projects including the creation of kinetic art installations and in creating various frames in animation.

color flow orijeen lenticular padstyle

When applied to modern furniture, like in the “Color Flow” collection, this innovative effect can transform your space into a visually stimulating experience.