Bring the Funk to Your Junk: Decoupaging Decor

Is that vintage end table with the paint peeling off the corners or those shabby chairs from your grandparents house driving you crazy? There is a really fun, creative and easy solution to your decor and furniture woes. Decoupage! What is decoupage? Decoupaging is decorating objects and furniture pieces with paper cut-outs, anywhere from magazines to tissue paper.

You need very basic materials to get started.

1. Grab the furniture piece (s) you want to decoupage
2. Cut out the magazines, tissue paper, paper graphics you want to use (they can be one giant cut-out or many small ones to make a collage)
3. A bottle of Mod Podge (purple bottle) hard-coat version (best for furniture) – this stuff is great it dries clear.
4. A spatula or a similar object to smooth out your paper cut outs after applying them to the furniture
5. Paint brush

How to decoupage:

1. Take your furniture piece(s) and spread a layer of modge podge on the surface of where you want to place your paper cut-out(s)
2. Place and /or arrange your paper cut-out(s) on surface
3. Use spatula to gently smooth out the paper cut-out(s) if there is any bubbling or rippling
4. Go over your cut-out(s) with another layer of modge podge
5. Allow to dry overnight

VOILA! Just like that you turned your junk into a funky, new version of itself.