Brick Building Transformed into Cat Café for Local Pastries & Pet Adoption

A local business owner has created “Buckminster’s Cat Café” in Buffalo, NY, with the help of designer and architect Davidson Rafailidis.

Buckminster's Cat Cafe padstyle

The project consists of a renovated brick building from the 1900s. The concept for the café is definitely a new idea, rarely seen in restaurant design. The front of the café functions as a local spot for patrons to grab coffees and pastries. The back entrance, through the “catio” (cat patio) are where the cats, needed for adoption, reside. Although the building can be accessed from either side by people.

In Buffalo, Davidson Rafailidis restores a bisected building into a cozy cat  cafe padstyle

There is a division between the two spaces, while not being entirely separated. The continuity of the café is achieved using glass panels, partitions and the creation of overlapping and slicing of structural forms such as zig-zag walls and long terrazzo benches.

davidson rafailidis completes cat café in buffalo, NY, with zig-zag brick  wall padstyle

Aside from the separation of the animal dwellings and the food preparation areas, there is also a distinction between the areas of where music is heard and where there is silence, where laptops are used and where they are not used, and where smoking is allowed and where it is not allowed.

The overall color palette and design is both minimal and neutral. However, the buildings exterior highlights the matte hue of the red bricks.

Together, Apart: A Cat Café Outfitted For Humans And Felines Alike

Not only is the design a unique visual expression of the conceptual idea behind the project of “together, apart.” But also, it takes on a altruistic goal for the adorable fur balls in need of finding permanent homes.

Now people can dine with cats in a communal, restaurant environment bringing together the unusual combination of pets and patrons.