Best Furniture Design Trends of 2020

As we enter in to the new decade, we may have the itch to change things up in our home. It’s time to give our bedroom a new paint job, landscape our backyard or redecorate a room. One of the best ways to give our home a new look is buying new furniture that will complement our space. The furniture trends of 2020 will give you a nice starting point for a new year, a new space and a new you!

Upholstered Beds / Headboards

Rowan Bed

Soft, comfortable and stylish, upholstered beds are here to stay. Whether it is supple leather, luxurious velvet, smooth linen or a colorful fabric, upholstered headboards bring a classic touch of comfort to your bedroom.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Furniture

Protecting the planet continues to be an important theme carried into the new year. Not to mention, many of these sustainable designs are absolutely stunning! Go for reclaimed wood, sustainably grown wood, bamboo, rattan and upcycled materials for an eco-friendly approach to furniture design.

Mod Men Furniture

Yes, the ladies love it too! However, we like to think of Mod Men Furniture as a straightforward approach to design with a neutral color palette and hardy materials. Leather, metal, exposed hardware, dark wood and selective, subtle accents.

Velvet Upholstery

There was a time when velvet was the quintessential fabric choice of those who love luxury, comfort and stylish design. Velvet is making a break through once again! Whether it is a fully upholstered fabric sofa, a lounge chair or a bed headboard, velvet is here to stay and in some very bold and eye-catching colors.

Metal Chandeliers and Metal Pendant Lights

These industrial-inspired lights are making a big improvement on the overall style of home design. Their eye-catching design and strong presence direct your eyes upwards. Metal chandeliers are perfect addition to a minimalist or mid-century modern home.

Mid-Century Modern

Does mid-century modern ever go out of style? It continues to be one of the most popular furniture design trends into the year 2020. Sleek lines, bold patterns, splayed legs and multi-functional features are just what the doctor ordered. Retro and contemporary, mid-century modern is sophisticated and inspiring.

Unique Eclectic-Inspired Furniture

Unique and original furniture that looks handcrafted! This is the furniture design that stands out in your space. Conversation starters or simply the best seat in the house, these are the furniture designs that make a room shine from the rest.

Scallop Furniture

Everly Velvet Sofa

Scallop shaped home decor, furniture and design is turning heads with its elegant and charming form. The half-moon shape and rounded edges are becoming a popular form in modern, transitional, contemporary and even traditional style homes.

These incredible furniture design trends of 2020 will help make your home the new oasis you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t worry, your resolution doesn’t have to be breaking bad habits, it can be all about starting good ones! Refurnishing your home is a great place to start.