Baths as a Work of Art

Given the bathtub is such a large fixture, its impact on the look and feel of your bathroom is significant. So why settle for an everyday looking bath when there are baths available that are stunning works of art? Whether it’s a modern aesthetic you prefer or something thoroughly royal, nowadays there are enough beautiful baths to choose from that you’re certain to find one that fits your home decor perfectly. Let’s take a look at a handful of outstanding bath designs for a good dose of inspiration.

Freestanding baths have a special elegance that is hard to match and they set a warm mood within the room. Consider this magnificent slipper bath with its traditional roll top and white claw feet. Seen here with classic vintage style taps, alternatively you could opt for a floorstanding tap set for that extra touch of elegance. Claw feet come in a wide range of finishes such as antique gold, chrome or raw cast iron.

For a more modern take on a freestanding bath, look for tubs with sleek sharp lines such as this spectacular bath finished in contrasting black and white. This ever-popular minimalist style does indeed bring a sense of calm and spaciousness to the room promoting complete relaxation and enjoyment, which I’m sure we could all do with a lot more of!

Envisage yourself immersed in this handcrafted regal cast iron bath finished in gold, complete with stunning vintage style taps and book stand. Baths such as this add a tremendous sense of beauty to the room and make for an amazing focal point that will be appreciated by you and your guests. How could anyone not enjoy such an indulgent bathing experience! And the good news is that majestic baths aren’t as expensive as one might think. Look to online bathroom supplies stores for impressive deals on baths and enclosures and be sure to check delivery fees not just the cost of the bath itself.

If you’re asking ”But where’s the bling?” look no further than this truly spectacular double ended slipper bath. You can decorate your bath in a similar way with your own personal artistic style. Many cast iron baths come finished in grey primer ready for your choice of colour, from there it’s just a matter of choosing additional decorative elements to embellish your bath with. Before you know it you’ll have a bath that doubles as a work of art and a luxurious place to bathe – what more could you ask for than that?

Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of different features such as built in jet systems, tubs big enough for two, steam baths, corner baths and the list goes on. There’s a tub to suit everyone’s taste and budget so add a spectacular tub to your home and transform your bathroom into an opulent spa-like retreat that you can enjoy day in and day out. After all, you deserve a sanctuary of your own to escape to at the end of your busy day.


    The second one is gorgeous! Black and silver accent is just too gorgeous, add that with the unique and edgy shape of the tub and you’ll have the best bath in your home.

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    Nice post. Although I do like the look of that clawfoot bathtub as a work of art, it would not really fit in with my design taste at the moment, to my wife’s dismay.

    I was wondering if you could state the model names of the items you feature in your post. Mentioning the price would be helpful too.

    Lastly, could you do more posts on home decor stores like and also the ones you’ve linked to in this post. Let us know the advantages each store has to offer and stuff like that.

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    I like the no. 3 photo, it suits my personality – I read a lot. No. 2 photo looks high end, expensive, modern, but natural.

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    Yeah…I’m also agree here, the second one will make an amazing focal point at your home for you and your guests too. I’ll also prefer to keep it in my bathroom.

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    Wow! wats the attractive tub. I’ll also keep same tub in my bathroom and surely It’ll make my bathroom much wonderful.

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    I am planning for bathtub setting for my newly designed
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    Hi.What is your name?Is that picture of you?Did you write this post?Are you in the field of interior design?Would like contact if possible?Very amazing!!Love interiors.I want to know more.xxI LOVE the free standing bath with the antique gold finnish claw feet so traditional and classic.xx