Bathroom Trends: Folk and Ethnic

Folk and ethnic-inspired decor have been making a comeback in the modern design world lately, and they’re moving from the livingroom (in the form of richly embellished throw pillows, bead curtains and earthy rugs) to the bathroom. Here’s a few tips on how you can capitalize on the richness, depth and intrigue of folk and ethnic bathroom decor.

Think of folk/ethnic as global influences. This, in essence, is a very diverse and nearly “anything goes” approach to interior decorating. You can pick a particular region and culture of the world that you would like to emulate, such as North American Native or maybe Ancient Egyptian, or you can go for a more eclectic look that gets its influences from a variety of places.

If you want to start small, try adding ethnic touches to some of the accents in your bathroom. For instance, you can find plenty of embroidered hand towels that feature detailed trim, or small accessories that you can place around the bathroom. Try a folkloric wooden bird or painted vase on your windowsill.

It’s also possible to bring in some reclaimed wood furniture in place of your bathroom vanity if you want to make some more major changes. Or, you can do a complete renovation – paint the walls a rich golden hue, install bronze-trimmed light fixtures, bring in a matching tub, basin and toilet, and completely transform your bathroom to a folk and ethnic masterpiece.