Artistic and Creative Menorah Designs for Many Interior Settings

Menorahs are usually kept behind closed doors until Hanukkah begins for those who are of the Jewish faith, however, whether or not you celebrate the holiday, admiring this sculptural candle holder which holds 9 candles atop of it with one large pedestal running down the center is easy to do – especially when there are many variations in menorah design and style.

Classic silver plated menorah design

Artistic and creative designs like these can be kept on display all year around whether behind a glass paneled china cabinet or on a display shelf somewhere safe and visible.

Elegant brass menorah perfect for traditional to transitional settings
Classic brass plated menorah design
Colorful hand blown glass menorah
Iron modular menorah
Minimalist menorah with pyramid sculptural base with brass and gold accents
Sculptural brass dancing figurines menorah
Simple block glass menorah with wave-like patterns, mid century modern and contemporary design
Made of metal with jeweled accents – interwoven pattern, a more ornamental design
art deco menorah design made of metal and stained glass
Modern art deco menorah made of metal and colored glass in a mosaic motif












Some menorahs feature a traditional tree or crown shaped design while others feature a more eclectic and modern design –  whether classic traditional, ultra contemporary, art deco modern or anywhere in between, we can all agree these beautiful candle holders come in many unique styles once meant to be on display for only a short period of time can be showcased throughout the year if you select one that complements your homes interior design.