Animal-Inspired Accents & Other Oddities for Your Home Decor

We know it seems a little strange but that’s the point! A brass sculpture of a gorilla, a metal casted vertebrae, a petrified wood topiary – these unusual oddities add a touch of uniquely eccentric decor to your living space. In a picture perfect home, nothing brings character like these rare accents.

Golden Horse Statue

Golden Horse Statue

A horse is a horse, of course, but who owns it is important! This abstract horse sculpture is made of pewter with a gold finish. Pair this Golden Horse Statue with other gold and metallic finishes for a truly unique accent piece. Perfect for rustic, contemporary and even Hollywood glam style.

Turtle Sculpture

Mock Turtle Sculpture

Turtles represent ancient wisdom and long-lasting life. This unique Tortoise Sculpture is crafted from stone powder and polyresin with an eye-catching bronze finish.

Horn Sculpture

Horn Sculpture

This elegant Horn Sculpture is made to resemble a rams horn but is made of wood. It is painted in a bright and contemporary white finish attached to a square black base.

Octopus Shelf Sculpture

This awesomely eccentric decoration of an octopus can on a display case, desk or bookshelf. The Octopus Sculpture is made of cast-iron with a room brightening pewter finish.

Wishbone Sculpture

Remember the legend of the wishbone? Try your luck with another person. You both make a wish, hold one end and break it in half. Whoever breaks off the larger piece has their wish come true. This Wishbone Sculpture is made of cast iron in a beautiful pewter finish.

Petrified Wood Sculpture

Petrified wood is a fossil which was once wood that has taken thousands of years to develop into a hard cast of minerals. It is an incredibly unusual and natural sculpture. This Petrified Wood Sculpture is designed like a topiary, securely placed on a rod with a stable square base.

These unusual oddities and animal-inspired accents will bring a whole new flavor to your homes visual appeal. As strange as they may seem at first glance, they are certainly a conversation piece to breathe new life into your space.