A Portable Gel Fireplace that’s affordable?

While everyone can certainly benefit from the soothing and warming properties that a dancing flame provides, there aren’t many portable gel fireplaces that will fit in every budget. Fortunately, the Oasis Table Top Fireplace does! The design of this piece is like a dream come true, it’s contemporary, elegant and can complement any decor! Not to mention, it is the perfect size to take out on a small balcony, patio or you can simply enjoy it inside of your home. This fireplace is really lightweight so when it says portable, it means portable!

This stylish piece is stainless steel and comes with gorgeous white river stones but if these don’t match your décor, you can replace them if you choose with other colored fire glass, seashells or anything else nonflammable. It uses either pourable gel fuel or gel fuel canisters which are completely environmentally-friendly so you never have to be concerned with polluting the air outside or in your home. Nor do you have to be bothered with cleaning up the mess that burning wood would leave behind.

The Oasis Tabletop Gel Fireplace will provide you with warmth, ambiance and even when it’s not burning, it is still a stunning piece of art. You can find this fireplace at The Soothing Company at a great price!