5 Fall Furniture Colors for All Year Around

Vibrant hues bring new life to your dreary space. Why not go bold with these 5 fall furniture colors? They aren’t only for autumn either! Add splashes of rusty orange, olive green and gold yellow as lovely as the decorative changing leaves along your neighborhood sidewalk.


Not orange, not brown, rust falls somewhere in between these two popular hues. It’s got a-whole-lotta retro vibes with an eye-catching presence.


Soothing and serene, olive is the color you see on the turning trees right before they transform into crimson reds and taupe tans. Use olive as an alternative to basic gray.


Yellow is perfect for summertime vibes, but gold is the true crowd-pleasing color for all year around. Brighten your space without it taking over the room.

Copen Blue

Fall skies are light and bright with a touch of haze as they transitioning into the upcoming darker winter months. This is a blue for those who gravitate towards calming hues and creamy pastels.


The tips of the leaves begin to turn into this soft pink hue as soon as we enter autumn. Its a lovely color to start off the new season. Although the air outside is turning crisp, we can feel the warmth and see its blush pink on our sun-kissed cheeks.

Pair these with transformative fall colors with shimmering bronze finished bases and opulent gold hues for a full autumn inspired theme. You can use these vibrant colors all year around to bring wonderous earthy hues to your space.