1960s Inspired Double Decker Modern Magic Bus

Designed by Randy Grubb, this tie-dye t-shirt sporting, automotive artist designed a 1960’s inspired double decker bus called “The Magic Bus.”

Aside from the groovy haight-ashbury inspired aesthetic, there is an indoor elevator in this two-story moving sculpture.

This impressive feature is powered by an ATV winch motor and pulleys that Grubb hid beneath the floorboard.

The elevator design is inspired by the 1960s TV series, Lost in Space, after the Jupiter 2’s transport tube.

“It has the nose of america’s iconic milk truck, the ’47 divco, the upper body of a 23-window VW kombi van, the chassis of a ’73 GMC motorhome, all powered by a 455 olds engine. the front bumpers come courtesy of a ’49 plymouth and a ’57 corvette and the rear bumpers are styled to the tune of a ’59 VW bus.”

“The Magic Bus,” isn’t the first time Grubb got his hands dirty with some cool rides. He is responsible for a medley of other cool inventions including Jay Leno’s tank car. The Magic Bus is designed to cart
private members of a local San Francisco club called “The Battery.”