10 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whether you are sleeping in, working or just chilling out, the bedroom might be the part of the house in which you spend the most time. This is also the most personal room of your home and the way you have furnished and decorated it mirrors your personality and should inspire a welcome and warm feel.

A romantic decor is often a popular choice to bring a warmer atmosphere to a room as it reflects this sense of peace and tranquillity. It is also very easy to bring some romance to a room by simply placing small additions throughout the room. Below are 10 creative tips to give you inspiration and turn your bedroom into a gorgeous romantic getaway that will bring peace and calm when you walk through the door.

1. Colour theme: Pale and pastel colours to get a successful romantic look. You can choose from a large palette of soft shades, from dusky pink and lilac through to lemon and periwinkle blue. You can also combine two colours that go well together, like cream and soft green, but most romantic decors tend to be produced with one colour associated with small sophisticated additions to keep an uncluttered feel.

2. Bed: The choice of the bed is important as it will generally make the main statement in your bedroom. Romantic style bedrooms are generally furnished with large sized dramatic beds that give a presence to the room, such as four poster beds and large ornate wrought iron bed frames.

3. Headboard: Considering the space most of us have to work with, a four poster bed is sometimes not the best option since this is an imposing piece of furniture. Complementing your bed with a headboard is then a great alternative, it will bring texture if you choose an upholstered or tufted model, plus they come in a large choice of rounded shapes. For example a Cavendish shaped headboard with rounded corners will add the right touch of romance to your bed.

4. Linens: White, smooth and soft fabrics such as silk and satin not only have an incredible feel to the touch but will add the right amount of luxury your bedroom needs to look cosy and romantic. You should choose soft and luxurious fabric for your bed linen and add some plush and fluffy pillows on top to create the best effect.

5. Nature: Floral additions are an important aspect of romantic decoration. They can be designed on a delicate fabric, featured in your wallpaper pattern, framed in a piece of artwork or simply arranged in a delicate bouquet. Animals such as birds and butterflies are also extensively used to create a romantic mood.

6. Feminine objects: Place feminine accessories throughout the room, such as perfume bottles, shiny jewellery and romantic articles like scented candles and feathers. These small additions will radiate a very relaxing atmosphere.

7. Mirrors: Mirrored objects are quite common in romantic decorating themes as they bring light. Hanging a framed mirror on the wall behind your bed or attaching small panels of mirrors on your walls will definitely add a touch of romance to your décor and liven up the natural lights creating interesting effects to work with.

8. Voiles: Draping voiles and lace panels do a great job at finishing a romantic style. You can wrap your four poster bed with light voiles or arrange a voile panel up at the head of your normal bed. Complementing your windows with long and light curtains that let the sunshine through is also a great idea to make the room cosier.

9. Light is the element you need to consider as there is no better way to set up a special atmosphere and add a touch of romance to your bedroom. Banish harsh lightings and instead go for light bulbs that soften the light. For a greater effect, you can go for a decorative lamp that filters the light to other colours such as soft red.

10. Accessories: The romantic style is often associated with accessories such as candles, fresh flowers vases, black and white picture frames, art deco pieces of furniture, decorative plates.

There are a lot of great ideas out there to create a romantic mood in a bedroom; accessories usually do a large part of the job so you can let your imagination wild. A word of caution though: keep it sophisticated but small in order to not clutter the space with too many additions.

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Camille is a home furniture enthusiast and is happy to share her decoration ideas with the community of interior design lovers. Camille is writing on behalf of Wedo Headboards, an online retailer specialising in stylish headboards for beds and bedroom furniture