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Obesity is like smoking cigarette or Tobacco therefore it does not kill directly. The only thing it does is to cause a variety of complications in a person's body. Abdominal obesity is one that increases the risk of diabetes, early death and heart attacks. Rimonabant is therefore known as a diet pill that helps in weight loss.

How Rimonabant Works: The Rimonabant works in such an exciting way. It blocks specific receptors such as the endocannabinoid receptor in the brain that makes one feel hungry. When it blocks or binds the receptor on the other hand, Rimonabant renders the body unresponsive to stimulations by certain chemical known as cannabinoids. The cannabinoid is what stimulates hunger and makes a person crave for food. Marijuana has been known as what stimulates the cannabinoid receptors making its users ravenously hungry. In short Rimonabant helps in suppressing a person's appetite and the results remains less food and lose of weight.

How Rimonabant Treats Obesity: Originally Rimonabant was developed to be an anti-obesity drug. This is right! However the drug works effectively when coupled with exercises and effective diet. Rimonabant reduces waist measurements and also lowers all the risk associated with obesity, like diabetes, cardiovascular distress and blood lipid levels. More so it improves the functions of the cardiovascular and lipid profiles.

Other Benefits Of Rimonabant Apart From Weight Loss: There are several other benefits of Rimonabant apart from weight loss. One of this is the control of the urge to smoke. In fact a smoker can quit smoking completely. In addition it helps in reducing the level of fats in the blood. Rimonabant has the possibility to improve short memory and blocks the effects of an active ingredient in marijuana commonly known as THC.

Who Should Take Rimonabant? Rimonabant drug is one that is available in a form of oral tablets the recommended dose for this drug is 20 mg per day. The Rimonabant prescription is only prescribed to those who are either overweight, clinically obese and to those who have significant chances of heart diseases. A doctor for that matter cannot just give any of the Rimonabant prescription to a patient unless he or she has proof. On the contrary people who have a history of psychiatric illness can only use the Rimonabant under specialist supervision.

The Effectiveness Of Rimonabant: The Rimonabant drug is very effective and most people who have used it lose up to 20 pounds of weight in a year. The Rimonabant is also very effective in the dropping the measurement of the waistline. Nevertheless, there are side effects to those who take this Rimonabant drug. The side effects that can be observed on trial are nausea, anxiety, dizziness and lastly painful joints. The good thing is that the side effects are always available to those who are prescribed for this drug.
Generally, the Rimonabant drug is suitable for those who have a body mass index of 30 and above. As mentioned earlier this great research has helped in finding a drug that can aid weight loss. It is just like a miracle pill that enables you to lose weight while still keeping fit through exercises and healthy diet. It feels great for those obese and overweight to lose 10 percent of their weight. It is obvious that within no time they will fit in size ten trousers thanks to Rimonabant.

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