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What Is Premarin?

Premarin is the preparation taken from urine of pregnant mares. Their urine has a lot of equine estrogen that can be modified by our body into human estrogen. Thus if we are lack of estrogen (because of some disease or because of our age) Premarin is on purpose. Premarin reliefs such symptoms like fever, itches, and dryness of genitals that are common for postmenopausal women. Premarin is prescribed sometimes to individuals with osteoporosis or to men with lack of estrogen.

Premarin Production: As it was told Premarin is taken from urine of pregnant males. It seems that to get Premarin is very easy as everything you need is a pregnant mare that has urination from time to time. But in fact production of Premarin is quite problematic. In 1942 when urine of pregnant mares was used for curing women for the first time farmers started to breed pregnant mares. They had plenty of pregnant mares at their farms but then they had plenty of youngsters - much more than farmers needed.
This problem was solved when in 1976 it was discovered that too large dose of Premarin has some side effects and that's why the dosage of this preparation was reduced. Thus the amount of pregnant mares was also reduced.

Warning About Premarin: Premarin is really helpful and women in their menopausal period appreciated its mild and very quick effect. But at the same time Premarin has some really unpleasant side effects so all the time when you take Premarin you have to consult your doctor.
It was discovered that this remedy increases the risk of endometrial cancer and breast cancer; it causes some cardio diseases and even can cause dementia. Premarin must be used only after the necessary tests and the consultation with your doctor. Take it with caution if you have already had some heart attack, heart stroke, breast cancer etc. If you take Premarin you have to visit your doctor every 3-6 weeks. Remember that you have to stop taking Premarin that very moment when the symptoms of your disease will disappear. Besides you have to examine your breasts all the time and if you notice any bumps in them, stop using Premarin immediately and visit your doctor.
Never take Premarin if you are taking barbiturates as its effect will be reduced.

Dosage Of Premarin: Every Premarin pill has 0, 625 mg of estrogens. The dose of Premarin must be prescribed by your doctor as it depends on the symptoms you have. Thus if you have vaginal bleeding, you will get larger dose of this drug, if you have menopause, the dosage is smaller. Usually the dose of this remedy is 1, 25 mg per day. This preparation is taken during 3 weeks and then the week pause is made.
Sometimes the dose can be increased gradually to 3, 75 mg per day. Remember that it is not allowed to stop taking this medication abruptly. The dose of the preparation is reduced gradually and then you can drop using it.

Storage Of Premarin: Premarin can be stored in a dry place. The temperature of its storage is 15-25 �C. It can be kept during 5 years. Try to store it in its original package.
This remedy reliefs or eliminates the symptoms of menopause. But it has some side effects so consult your therapist in advance.

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