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Calm Down With Cymbalta

If you feel that you are nervous all the time and need help, ask your doctor about Cymbalta.

Useful Facts About Cymbalta: Cymbalta is the other name of duloxetine. In fact every pill of Cymbalta is based on duloxetine. The pills of Cymbalta contain 30 or 60 mg of duloxetine.
The dosage of duloxetine depends on the symptoms you have. Thus Cymbalta is prescribed in cases of depression, muscle pain, diabetes neuropathy and urine incontinence.
As usual Cymbalta is prescribed once a day and its dose is 60 mg. Sometimes the dose is increased to 120 mg and it is taken twice a day. 120 mg is maximum dose of duloxetine that a patient can have per day.
It is important to know that you can't stop taking Cymbalta abruptly. The dose of Cymbalta is reduced gradually and usually under the doctor's control.
It is interesting to know that at first Cymbalta was used for curing of urine incontinence. Its mechanism of action against this disease was studied in Minnesota University but its effect was not very strong. But Cymbalta appeared to be one of the best drugs against depression and other kinds of mood disorder.

In What Cases Can Cymbalta Help? Cymbalta is prescribed to people with depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Very often people who suffer from diabetes use it to relief the pain and sometimes Cymbalta is taken by women who have fibromyalgia.
Cymbalta is taken once or twice a day (the dosage will be prescribed by your doctor) without any reference to the meal. Each capsule of the preparation is covered with coating. You have to take the remedy without breaking the coating, so don't add it to your meal.

Does Cymbalta Have Side Effects? Cymbalta is one of the most effective drugs against depression. But it has some side effects so take it with caution and consult your doctor in advance. You have to be extremely attentive while taking duloxetine if you have any liver or kidney disorder.
If you are pregnant it is better not to take this preparation or ask your doctor if it is really necessary to have this remedy during pregnancy.
For nursing mothers having this drug is not recommended as it can appear in breast milk.
It is necessary to know that sometimes the symptoms of depression become more severe after taking this preparation. So if you feel sleepiness or insomnia, panic or anxiety, ask your doctor how to stop using this remedy gradually.
For patients who drive a car having Cymbalta is not recommended too because you can feel sleepy and it reduces your attention.
For those who have allergic reaction to duloxetine Cymbalta is not suitable.

What Are Interactions Of Cymbalta? Cymbalta has some interactions so it is very important to tell your doctor what other remedies you take to avoid some complications.
The mechanism of work of this drug is simple. It increases the amount of serotonin and noradrenalin in the body. Thus it helps you to calm down (as noradrenalin is responsible for it) and improves your mood (as serotonin is the hormone that improves the mood). So if you take any other antidepressants that increase the level of serotonin or noradrenalin, you have to discuss it with your doctor.
Besides Cymbalta can't be combined with aspirin as it can provoke bleeding.
So study the recommendations of your doctor before taking Cymbalta and only then use this really effective remedy that for sure will help you.

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