Wondrous Worlds: Art & Islam Through Time & Place Art Exhibition

From everyday household items to religious attire, the home decor, home furnishings and artwork from Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and other regions where Islamic aesthetics have expanded their reach is on exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

The religion plays a significant role in the symbology found on many of the sculptures, wall decorations and household items. Some of these include the five pillars of Islam, six and eight pointed stars, mandalas, inscribed Islamic prayers and the lunar calendars for holidays and other religious affairs. Many of the artworks are ornate and detailed with fine metal work, bright colors and intricately weaved patterns.

Many of the pieces use fine materials such as silver, gold, copper, porcelain and luxurious jewels such as emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. Motifs include floral, fauna, mythology and lore.

Household items include perforated wooden partitions, folding tables for eating and drinking tea, large floor pillows for seating and brilliantly decorated rugs.

Other functional household decor associated with Islamic daily life includes prayer book holders, sprinklers (similar to perfume bottles), teapots, ewer and betel set, bridal chest, prayer board, hookahs and a sarinda musical instrument.

The artwork and household furnishings are typically adorned in beautiful patterns, intricate designs and eye-catching royal colors such as shades of gold, yellow, blue and red. The pieces bring a sense of luxury and elegance to the interior design of the home.