Window Frame Mimics Soft Breeze Without Outdoors

Living and working in urban environments and busy cities definitely has its benefits, but sometimes we settle for spaces with little access to the outdoors. Japanese design studio YOY Studio, invented a way to bring the soft breeze of the outdoors inside with their latest installation called WIND.

WIND window frame

The window frame generates its own soft breeze using 8 tiny fans built into the pane that gently blows air from slits in the frame mimicking a breeze from outside. Although it isn’t currently on the market, it is featured in an exhibition called ‘art and design, dialogue with materials‘  held in Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design.

WIND window frame padstyle

As an art piece, WIND alters the perception of space by stimulating our sense of touch through an artificial breeze which our brains would typically associate with an “outside” or exterior influence such as the weather outdoors.

WIND window frame padstyle

WIND can serve as a window frame for actual windows that may be bolted or closed shut and unable to open or in areas without windy or breezy climates. However, it could also be placed on a wall without any windows or hung from a ceiling to activate a sense of the outdoors gently coming into our interior space.