Why choose a wooden bed?

Wooden beds have long been a popular choice for the bedroom and continue to be bought by individuals who are looking for a durable and cost-effective sleeping solution. Wood is a renewable resource and for those with green concerns, it is worth noting that it is possible to purchase beds made exclusively from sustainable forests.

Wooden frames offer solid support to mattresses, providing both comfort and convenience due to the ability to disassemble frames when moving them from room to room, or even home to home. Though durable, in contrast to many modern metal counterparts, wooden beds can often be more easily repaired should a beam or support snap, or be broken in transit. Instead of sourcing a metal part or screw, you should be able to source or cut your own replacement beam at a low cost.

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing a wooden bed is the peace of mind provided by the fact your bed is likely to last for years to come. With this in mind, it’s worth selecting a bed that will service your needs for the duration. It is of course possible to alter the appearance of a wooden bed through staining or painting in order to fit with changing interior schemes, but if you buy a single bed for your growing child and they outgrow it before you would ideally like or need to replace it, you may regret your initial investment. It may therefore make more financial sense to purchase a three-quarter or queen-size bed that will see a child through their teenage years and save you the time and expense of an additional purchase in the long run.

  • Ari Z

    Wooden beds are great because you can always “recreate” them. Find a new finish or even paint it for a whole new look! Good point about the size issue though. Buy a little big now and you won’t have to replace it as kids grow.

  • Modern Classic Furniture

    We’re looking at Ethan Allen furniture. I know it was considered good quality years ago. Does anyone have any experience with it recently?

  • room screen dividers

    I always prefer wooden bed because it is durable you can say its a life time investment but your point is valid that you need t change the bed for your children whe they outgrow. The feature that i like most, can easily rhyme with any kind of interior.

  • shoji screens dividers

    Wooden beds are my first choice because they can easily rhyme with any kind of interior.

  • Jessica Hamilton

    I love wooden beds, because they tend to be cheaper than other beds. I like this because it allows to me to change bed designs every few years without losing my entire bank account.