What does a modern living room mean to you?

If you are thinking that you’re ready to give your living room a modern look, you may feel like a fish out of water. For many people, this is a huge transition! If you have found yourself a little lost and don’t quite know where to begin you should know that there are many variations to the word modern. So, if you are struggling to fit into a cookie-cutter theme, relax and enjoy your redecorating. Chances are, you’re trying way too hard!


For the less is more look, you have to be ready to completely commit to clutter-free living. You can’t have a minimalist room with unnecessary items laying around. Aim to stick with three colors but you can bring a few extra colors in with artistic pieces. Sofas should be plain with straight lines, patterns really have no home here.

Feng Shui

The goal with Feng Shui is to create a perfect balance. You don’t want all straight lines. You need to add in a few rounded items such as bean bag chair, round mirror, sphere or round stainless steel serving tray. Earth, water, fire, metal and wood are the five elements of Feng Shui. Ideally you will incorporate these into the room. Adding a water feature, tabletop fireplace, stone tiles and clay pots will help you achieve the look!


Think texture and aim for pieces that remind you of countries such as Italy or Belgium. Glass, ceramic and metals should be scattered throughout the room and don’t forget vibrant pieces of art and pillows, rugs and curtains in various colors and textures!