Waste No Time with New Nike Go FlyEase Sneakers

In the world of fashion what you wear on the soles of your feet can make or break you. This is specifically true for those who can’t waste anytime getting into them. NIKE has designed the Nike Go FlyEase Sneaker. First of its kind, you can put your shoes on without ever touching them.

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This touchless, ergonomic design uses a bi-stable hinge and tensioner to ensure the sneaker can be securely worn by simply slipping your feet into them.

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Most hands-free slip on shoes aren’t designed to be worn for most physical activities, aside from casual walking or lounging around. The Nike Go FlyEase features similar slip-on abilities. The comfortable, flexible grip latches onto the foot without the need to bend down to put them on or to lace them up.

Life can be busy, busy, busy – this innovative design is made for athletes and everyday people who don’t want to waste anytime. The Nike Go FlyEase will be released to select Nike members before going on sale to the public later this year.