Wall Art Wood Etchings as Artistic Decor

Wall art for your home or business is a key player in the design and look of your space. Often times, it is the finishing touch to the decor and ties the entire room together – however, it can be the starting point especially if you fall in love with a certain piece to base the style such as color scheme, furniture, fixtures, paint and other decor to pull the place together.

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Wood etching wall art also known as wood relief wall art is made using a flat piece of wood and often times, a stencil. The image is etched into the wood using artisan tools and then finished using a glaze or spray that seals the wood to preserve it’s beauty and longevity.

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Wood being the primary medium, wood wall art makes an excellent addition to homes or businesses in a rustic, country or cabin theme. However, for the more experimental designer, wood carvings, wood reliefs and wood etchings can work in contemporary, modern or even industrial settings.

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You can find wood wall art online that may be massed produced, meaning it won’t necessarily be one of a kind but still look great, or you can find wood wall art that is handcrafted by artisans, both local and online, that can create a wood etching for you in any design of your choosing.

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Wood wall art is sophisticated, contemporary and versatile combining art and decor in one beautiful package with the ability to customize and display in many different settings.