Vintage Vending Machines: The Art-O-Mat

Remember the old cigarette dispensers? These classic vending machines were banned in certain countries to prevent minors from buying their products. However, imagine this vintage machine repurposed for something that people of all ages can enjoy?

The Art-o-Mat can be found inside of Visions Gallery, the building connected to Chandler City Hall in Chandler, Arizona. The retro automatic dispenser is filled with artwork and accessories handmade by various artists for a small fee of only $5 per item.

Using cash or credit, you simply give to the gallery receptionist and she hands you a coin to put into the machine. Then, you pull the trigger for the item you want and out comes a handmade one-of-kind piece of artwork.

About the size of a pack of cigarettes, some of the artwork includes paintings and mixed media on wood blocks. Other artwork includes postcard stamp jewelry, handmade pendants and earrings.

All proceeds go to the Chandler VISION KIDZ program. The program is designed to give children ages 6 to 16 years old free art classes, once a week, in a variety of mediums.

The Art-o-Mat works the same way a classic cigarette vending machine does. It is a genius way to revision and repurpose a vintage vending machine that will support local artists and the art community where it is located.