Vacation Home? Keep it Fresh For Your Return Next Season

Having a vacation home is a real pleasure. When you return to your vacation home, it’s nice to come back to a fresh space free of any issues. Use these helpful tips to keep your vacation home as you left it when you return next season.

maintaining your vacation home for next season beach house

Keep Electricity On

Depending on the location of your vacation home, we advise maintaining an even temperature depending on the climate. It might seem like a waste to keep your AC or heat running with no one living there. However, temperature fluctuations and / or extreme heat / cold can cause problems such as mold, damage to electronics and frozen pipes. Keeping lights on at night could possible deter any vandalism or theft to your property as well. Fortunately, there is technology allowing you to remotely control electricity, including temperature, without being in the area.

Shut Water Off

Make sure to shut the water off to your vacation home. This will reduce the risk of leakage or damage. If your vacation home is in a colder climate, you should drain the water lines to prevent freezing before you leave.

Dump All Waste and Garbage

If you forget to dump waste or garbage in your home, you are going to attract pests. Not only will it attract potential insects, but it could also attract bigger critters like rodents, squirrels and racoons. The odor will be foul too. Don’t forget to check every waste receptacle, including the garbage disposal.

Cover Furnishings

Drape your furniture in cloth to prevent build-up of dust. This is also helpful if you have any direct sunlight coming into the windows. Too much direct sunlight can cause discoloration and damage to specific types of furniture.

Install Shutters

If your vacation home is in an area prone to hurricanes, install hurricane shutters. This will give you peace of mind if a hurricane strikes your vacation home’s area.

Purchase Severe Weather Insurance

You want to purchase severe weather insurance for any possible issues. This is especially true if your vacation home is near water or prone to flooding.

Buy a Security System

You probably already have one installed in your vacation home. However, security systems are absolutely necessary no matter how safe the neighborhood might be. The sad reality is there are predators who know certain areas are mainly vacation homes. Similar to remote electricity control, you can have remote security control and protection while you are gone for the season.

Hire Landscapers

You might not have to hire landscapers as frequently as you would if you were there for the season. However, it is crucial to have landscapers maintain the grounds of the property while you are away. This will ensure attractiveness and deter theft / vandalism. However, it is also important if you are in a cold climate because build-up of snow could cause ice damage to your roof.

Know Someone in the Area

Always have someone you can trust in the area to keep an eye on it, help out and make any necessary arrangements. This can be a trusted friend or someone you hire seasonally. It is always a wise decision to have help when needed.

Your vacation home needs special care and attention just as your everyday home needs. Don’t come back to a mess, come back to a place where you can kick your feet up and relax for the season.