Upcycled Furniture Using Clay Roof Tiles

A new furniture collection made from recycled clay roof tiles creates another interesting addition to the world of upcycled furnishings. Designed by Manoj Patel Design Studio in India, they have taken numerous clay tiles and reassembled them into outdoor chairs and benches.

designboom's tweet - "manoj patel repurposes clay roof tiles in sculptural  outdoor furniture series " - Trendsmap

The furniture has been placed around areas of India combining the past and the present with materials taken from the old world and made into something completely new. They are created for public use for group conversations or simply for a place to rest and relax.

The designs have an abstract, almost optical illusory, style to them. The unique patterns form into a play of shadow and light. The clay tiles are kept their original color with only the manipulation of them that have been set into new designs.

Earth-toned, rustic and sustainable, the collection empathizes the importance of recycling with aesthetic of the surrounding landscape as a key element in their design.