Unusual & Unique Furniture Base Designs

Four-legged, three-legged, pedestal, sled, tulip, trestle, block – furniture base designs are just as important as the top of your prized piece. We’ve curated the most unique but entirely versatile (meaning they will work with your design theme) for the new year! Take a look!

Twilight Glass Dining Table

Splayed, curved and star-shaped!? The Twilight Glass Dining Table brings a touch more pizazz to the typical 4-legged base.

Trumpet Oval Coffee Table

Criss-cross trestle base with the shape of a trumpet. The Trumpet Oval Coffee Table is so unique, you don’t have to be a musician to love its incredibly unusual base design!

Whitney Velvet Sofa

A spherical and acrylic four-legged base design on the bold and beautiful Whitney Velvet Sofa will have your heart pounding for more glitz and glam!

Zoey Sofa

4-legged and wooden brass tipped in an inverted hourglass shape! The Zoey Sofa is a new take on a Hollywood regency classic!

Star-Crossed Dining Table

Exceptionally eye-catching, the Star-Crossed Dining Table features a criss-cross, star-shaped wooden base design. Incredibly stunning!

Saarinen Tulip Round Marble Dining Table

A pedestal base in the shape of an inverted flower pistil, this mid-century modern classic, the Saarinen Tulip Round Marble Dining Table, balances nature with indoor comfort.

These incredible furniture designs have some of the most unusual and unique bases turning them from ordinary to extraordinary from below to above!