Types of Modern Home Office Desks in 2021

The desk is the focal point to any modern home office. We compiled a list of modern home office desks to explore as you shape your workspace. From multi-purpose and space-saving to attractive and airy, there is a whole wide world of desk variations to choose from.

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Writing desk – also known as a “secretary”

Writing desks, sometimes referred to as a secretary desk, are often disguised as a dresser. But the main feature of a writing desk is the hinged fold down compartment that serves as the area for you to get work done. Easily fold it up once you’ve finished for the day.

Standing desks

These nifty standing desks are made for those who don’t like sitting for hours on end. Their height can be adjusted for you to stand up or sit down as you get your work done. Some standing desks don’t reach the floor and can be placed on table tops of stationary desks to be used standing.

Modular compartment desks

Modular desks come with adjustable dividers built into them. They separate space to store your office accoutrements. The modular compartments serve as an alternative to drawers.

Desktop computer desks

Although many of us use laptops and tablets to get our work accomplished, desktop computers are not entirely a thing of the past. Desktop computer desks accommodate computers with separate components such as keyboards, desktop screens and external hard drives. Some come with sliding keyboard pull-outs and elevated lifts for desktop screens.

2-person desks

2-person desks come with an attached compartment in the center of it that separates the desk space for 2 people to work from at the same time. Some desks are even built similarly for more than 3 people to work from at a time.

Floating desks

Generally, floating desks do not have legs or a base. They are mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling.

Corner Desks

As the name implies, corner desks are designed specifically for corners. Their shape is meant to conserve space by being placed in the corner where two adjacent walls meet.

Credenza Desk

Credenza desks can be on the bulkier side. They typically serve as more than just a desk. Sometimes they come with display cases, shelving, drawers and other compartments. They are one unit with the desk included, of course.

Executive Desks

Executive desks are another type of desk on the bulkier side. Oftentimes they come with lots of drawers and storage compartments. However, many people are opting for executive desks with less drawers and more leg room underneath.

Choose your modern home office desk wisely! Desks are the quintessential piece of furniture in any well put together office.