trig desk

Work becomes smooth. The trig desk does what every desk hopes to do: it makes your work day a little bit sweeter, a little bit smoother. With a glassy finish and a minimalistic perspective, the trig desk allows you to focus on your work with no distractions. It beautifies your office by adding a touch of icy calm which will be reflected in your work. Constructed from glass and titanium finished steel, there is no other desk that is more delicate yet sturdy. The tempered glass surface sits atop a white backdrop that will purify both your office and your mind. You can purchase the trig desk at for $149.00.

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  • San Diego Office Furniture

    That’s a lovely piece – at first glance it looks utilitarian, but the glass top makes it attractive. This is the perfect piece for people who don’t like busy colors and distracting patterns. It would actually also make a good temporary workstation for mobile employees who use a laptop. You could put this in a collaborative workspace where people just need work surfaces – not storage.