Like most people, it’s quite common to have books, DVD’s and LP’s falling this way and that out of crevices, cupboards and covering coffee tables all over the house. If you have just moved home, or are in the process of moving, the problem of having all your personal possessions spread throughout the house or flat can be quite frustrating. Speak to any graduate who has had to move once a year for the past four years; the stress of having enough room will certainly not be lost on them!

So what storage options are there in the world? Besides your average bookshelves, newspaper holders and garage doors hiding your prized possessions, there are a plethora of gadgets, groovy cabinets and expensive storage units which you can utilize for your home or flat or you could just choose to stick with the traditional option and throw everything in your garage and you can check out the garage door trends at ABI garage doors.

Nightstand Fridge

For those of you out there who want to hide your favorite beer from ensuing friends during a house party, the Nightstand Fridge could be the perfect tool for not only cooling your favoured beverage, but also hiding it from thirsty tongues. Available in three differing designs, the nightstand is made to fit a whole range of decors and home designs. Though currently only available in the United States, you may have to pay a few more cents to get your $379’s of fridge to the United Kingdom.

Spiral Wine Cellar

Continuing with the theme of alcohol, the Spiral Wine Cellar is the perfect solution for storing your masses of wine from the more conventional methods, such as boring old wine racks and holders. With your own chic wine cellar you will become the king of parties with sleek glass doors leading the way into a world of fine wine and alcohol. For example, one cellar can hold up to 1,900 bottles and needs not one iota of electricity to run, as the surrounding earth and ingenious air flow systems provide the perfect conditions for your cache!

Underground Garage

If you want to think big, then the underground garage system may be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve just managed to get hold of your dream car or motorbike, or just want to show off (why wouldn’t you?), then the underground garage provides the perfect security solution to keep your vehicle tucked away beneath the ground. Amazingly, all it takes is the single click of a button and your car will rise proudly out of your driveway, much like the old Batman programmes you enjoyed in your childhood!

Hidden Door

Okay, so more of a door than a bookshelf, but it is the combination of the two entities which makes the hidden door to the list of trendy storage options. With the option of faux books if you’re not a big reader, a hidden door into another or secret room is a great security option besides an excellent tool for scaring or pranking your friends with! Available for both domestic and commercial purposes, the hidden door could be your secret gateway into your own gaming room, study or just a place to sit and relax.