Trend Spotlight: 1930s Hollywood Glam Is the Cats Meow!

Carole Lombard
circa 1935

1930s Hollywood Glam interior design and art is making a comeback – glamour, glitz, shine and drama from fully upholstered velvet “fainting” couches to translucent multi-tiered diamond shaped light fixtures, our homes can look like mini film sets with a touch of modern functionality.

The look is actually easy to recreate – jewel-toned colors in vibrant blues, greens, pinks and purples in velvet, satin or leather fabric.

Fuzzy pillows and fluffy rugs in pastels, whites, creams and neutral colors. Gold plated, silver plated and brass bases on furnishings and other accent pieces. Hints of animal print found throughout the space.

Pin tufted backrests and seat cushions infused with thick and comfortable memory foam padding accented with metal button trim outlining the furniture frames.

Chaise designs with sloping decorative backrests on one side. Loveseats designed with backrests on opposite ends so you and whomever you are sitting with can look into each others eyes.

Elegant curves on armrests and ornate bases that resemble the soft and stunning beauty of the human form.

Spacious cushions upholstered in fine and luxurious fabrics for multiple people to share and relax on.

Hollywood regency style evokes passion, sensuality, pleasure, luxury and a desire for the finer things in life.

Designing your space in this classic and sophisticated style will make you feel like the star in your own performance – all eyes are on you and they think you are absolutely fabulous, darling!