Transparent TV Screens For Your Living Room

The television industry has undergone a lot of changes in recent years, and TV’s are becoming more advanced than ever before. Many consumers have purchased big-screen televisions and receipt years as prices have gone down substantially. Television manufacturers are looking for new ways to boost sales and keep people coming back for more. Sometimes this includes partnerships between prominent gadget manufacturers and bank lenders with the best credit cards. Other times it requires innovations that border on gimmicks. One of the new technologies that has made a splash in recent months is the transparent LCD television. What exactly is this type of TV, and should you buy one for your living room?

What is a Transparent TV?
This type of television is a device that you can see through. When it’s sitting there, it basically looks like a piece of glass going up from a base. When the TV is off, you can see right through the middle of it as if you were looking through a window. Then when the TV powers on, the image appears on the screen, and it looks just like a regular TV screen. The glass has lighting built in that lights the screen when you turn it on.

How They Can Be Used

Many people are buying transparent televisions as a way to create a focal point in a room. Having a transparent television can be a good conversation starter, and help create something interesting in the room that gets people’s attention.

Some television manufacturers are actually working on a transparent TV that doubles as a window. You have the television installed just like a window, and you can see out of it when you want. The sunlight works to provide the back light for the TV. When you’re watching television at night, the TV has built-in lights that provide lighting. This provides you with a more energy-efficient television, and something that is really interesting for your home.

Other Uses
The window TV can also double as a computer monitor, and connect to the Internet. This way, you can check in on social networks, shop, read personal finance articles, and play music. The TV also works like blinds so that you can block out the light coming in the window if you want.

Whether you think transparent televisions are cool or tacky, they are definitely something that will become more common in the future. The decision to buy one will be up to you and your personal budget, but you have to admit that the idea is unlike anything else out there.