Transparent Glass Tables to Showcase Our Hobbies & Interests

A functional, artistic and combination table idea is to use transparent materials like glass or plastic to showcase something that interests us or something we like to do – it can make a great gift for yourself or for others.

its probably easiest to do with objects that can flatten easily like pressed leaves and flowers, photographs, sheet music or art prints, but if you do it with larger objects like maybe automotive tools or barbie dolls, you can choose to use transparent container that is the correct dimensions and proportions for the task at hand.


Transparent tables mix personal style with functionality. They are absolutely perfect for collectors of all sorts including artists and antiquers.


Similar to mid-century modern architecture with large glass panels serving as walls in flat roofed, rectangular shaped homes, a transparent glass table is a miniature version of a bigger idea. They are space savers and they are an excellent way to give others a little glimpse into your soul without touching everything in it!