Transforming a Loft into a Stylish Bedroom

With some forethought and a little planning, it is quite easy to create a fantastic bedroom space from a loft environment. Loft spaces lend themselves very well to roomy and spacious bedrooms which be easily designed to be relaxing and stylish at the same time. Most people want their bedrooms to be of a tranquil and serene atmosphere but this does not mean that they also need to be boring! With a few well-placed pieces of furniture, appropriate window schemes and effective use of colour you can transform your loft into an enviably stylish and relaxing space.

Begin by choosing a colour scheme that promotes ambience and relaxation. The way to do this is by either picking neutral, earthy tones which can be complimented by colour accents in furniture and soft furnishings, or, by choosing one wall to make a bold statement upon and then subtly picking up on these tones in the landscape of the room. Take this further by turning your attention to the window scheme. Light, bright atmospheres are great for bedrooms and can be easily created by using Velux window blinds from Itzala. They are a sleek and modern way of decorating a loft window and are available in a huge selection of styles and designs to compliment any window!

Match the cool and modern look of your Velux window blinds by investing in some stylish pieces of furniture to enhance the look of the room. Start with a grand and unique bed frame like a sleigh bed to add glamour and comfort to the room. Embellish this with some retro-style bed covers and pillows for effortless chic. If you have gone with a neutral blind then go crazy with the soft furnishings as a muted backdrop is perfect for bolder furniture and dramatic fabrics. Alternatively, if you have chosen one of the many bolder and outlandish Velux blinds styles, then balance this with softer, earthy looking decor and furnishings.

The really fun part then begins with picking out all the extras! Lamps, bedside tables and lockers, shelving, chairs, cushions, throws, wall hangings and indoor lighting can all work together to create a stunning and cleverly designed bedroom that not only promotes comfort and relaxation, but looks stylish and cool at the same time. There are also tonnes of storage solutions and handy multi-functional furniture pieces you can invest in to reduce clutter and give your belongings a home fit for a king. The only problem is, you may never want to leave!