Transform Your Outdoor Space with Butterfly Gardens

Laying in grassy meadow or walking through a park, it is always so delightful when a butterfly passes by us. Our eyes light up at its colors, shapes and it’s fluttery flight patterns. Wouldn’t it be magnificent to have these elegant creatures in your own backyard on a regular basis?

Well it’s easier than you may think! You can create an butterfly garden. A butterfly garden can take up just a small section of your exterior design space or you can transform the whole lot into a butterfly garden.

Firstly, you find out what butterflies are indigenous to your area. Then you figure out which host plants are good for these caterpillar larvae to live off of. In addition you add nectar plants to the design for a sufficient food source. From here you can create a drawing of how you’d like your garden to appear.

Some of these include, Milkweed, Parsley, Aster, Bee Balm, Swamp milkweed, Zinnia etc.

Make sure your drawing factors in amount of water and light from the sun for the flowers. You can add other pretty elements in the garden aside from flowers and plants such as pinwheels and butterfly ornaments.

Once you start planting, watch as a wide variety of butterflies make your garden their beautiful new home! Sharing your space with these delicate creatures will bring joy and new life to your outdoor landscape!