Transform Ordinary Bathrooms into Luxurious Bath Palaces

If you love taking a piping hot shower or a warm bubble bath, there are a few ways you can turn that ordinary bathroom you’ve been coming home to into more of an elegant oasis to unwind and relax.

There are some easy solutions, simple adjustments and a few additions you can make to transform your old boring bathroom into more of a bath palace without completely renovating the place.

Turn those unflattering overhead fluorescent lights into crystal hanging chandeliers

If you don’t want to replace the light fixtures, you can add blue lighting using blue light bulbs to one or two of the lighting units, blue lighting evokes a sense of serenity and calmness.

Remove that moldy shower curtain and create a grand opening using two draping, tufted curtains and a separate curtain rod or an overhead rounded curtain rod.

Add an electric fireplace to the bathroom – either freestanding or wall mounted for warmth and soft lighting.

Place a mini step stool or build a tiny staircase leading into the bathtub

Add scented candles and fresh flowers and plants on the windowsill or on shelving that can be seen when entering

While some of these luxury bathroom ideas do require a few larger adjustments than others, how you design your bathroom space and the decor goes a long way. Simply keep comfort and peacefulness in mind when designing your bath palace.

Creating a luxurious bath oasis in your home is possible, it just takes a little imagination and some mild handy work to make your dream bathroom come true!