Toys that Teach Children Mechanics & Design Create a New Generation of Young Engineers

With a world of toys out there, hands-on projects turned into toys can teach children how to make what they play with learning new skills and building confidence.

make your own trebuchet kit
children build their own trebuchet with interactive toy kits

Projects range from newborns to teenagers and young adults. Some of these science based projects include building movable hands, arcade claws, woodworking clocks, hydraulic claws, trebuchets and fiber optic stars – all handmade, functional and built entirely built by them – with maybe a little help from parents of course!

build your own woodworking clock kit

All materials and easy to understand instructions are provided helping kids understand the basic parts, the way those parts come together and how they work in conjunction with one another to form a whole new object.

arcade claw for children
create your own functional arcade claw kit

Additionally, art based projects such as tire track paintings, pattern making, shake painting, spin art and sumi-e ink wash painting teach children different art techniques, appreciation of their artwork and how to blend art with functionality by using their newly created art pieces with toys.

sumi-e ink painting for children
make your own sumi-e Japanese ink painting kit

You can find these types of toys online or in toy stores but to add even more excitement to the mix, there are also monthly subscriptions that send a different interactive science or art based project every month for children to play with and to enjoy!

If children learn to incorporate building, designing and creative expression in their play time, we may have a whole new generation of young engineers, craftsman and artists in years to come!