Toto Cube Lamp

Every good conversation piece deserves an interesting story. The Toto Cube Lamp is not only a minimalist piece of modern art, but it is a uniquely created lamp with origins in the oddest of places. It is manufactured by a wine crate maker in its off-season, in the mold of the many crates that are made to carry bottles of wine. It offers three levels of functionality in addition to its statement as a piece of art: it can be used as a coffee table, a seat or a lamp (or all three). Perfect for a loft, modern dining room, living room or commercial setting, your guests will love to hear about the unique creation process of your Toto Cube Lamp over a nice glass of wine. The Toto Cube Lamp is available at for $275.00.

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  • deckchairs

    This is a pretty amazing looking lamp, I would never have though of having a light you could actually sit on!

    I really like this modern kind of furniture and purchase quite a lot myself, I am always looking for new and unique products to add to my house.

    I recently purchased a great looking deck chair from for my garden, it is a traditional style deckchair and really fits in well with my other garden furniture.

  • Adrianne Stuart

    This is an example of a centerpiece furniture. The kind that you will place in an area to be admired. I can already see this on some coffee shop or a bar.

  • Sophia Brown

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